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Thermoforming Services

The Midwest’s Premier Thermoforming Partner

Revolv Manufacturing is proud to use our thermoforming expertise to serve the Midwest region. We’re dedicated to finding the right method and equipment for your project, so in order to meet your unique quality, performance and cost requirements, we offer vacuum forming, twin sheeting, pressure forming and multi-layer twin sheet thermoforming.

What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a process wherein a sheet of plastic is heated until pliable, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a final, usable product or component. The final product may have a thin-gauge or heavy-gauge thickness depending on its applications. The Revolv team specializes in all types of thermoforming, from simple vacuum forming to complex high-volume projects.

What is thermoforming best suited for?

As a highly customizable method of plastic manufacturing, thermoforming is applicable to a wide variety of industries and products! Revolv has partnered with the recreational vehicle, sporting equipment, medical, food packaging industries and others to create quality plastic parts and consumer goods.

What materials does Revolv use in thermoforming?

As experts in thermoforming, the Revolv team is experienced in using a variety of plastics and materials, including:

  • ABS
  • High Gloss
  • PETG
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene
  • PVC
  • TPO

Additional Services

Receive your completed thermoformed goods in less time with less hassle! We offer a variety of value-add services that complement our thermoforming capabilities, including engineering, bonding, product kitting and fulfillment, drop shipping, CNC and 5-axis trimming, and assembly. Our assembly services are flexible, efficient, and comprehensively tested to both industry standards and our rigorous expectations of quality and performance.

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